DRHP FILE         Investor Grievance/Complaints
        RHP FILE         Investor Presentation
        Investors Earnings Conference Calls - 2 February 2016          Declaration of Interim Dividend
        Board Meeting Notice         Investor Presentation (5/30/2016)
        Policy         Shree Pushkar Q4FY16 Earnings Call Transcript

Annual Report 2015-16

Notice, Prxoy Form, Attendance Slip & Ballot form of AGM 2016

AGM notice in Business Standard (19.7.2016)

AGM notice in Mumbai Lakshdeep (19.7.2016)

Notices received proposing candidature us 160 of Companies Act, 2013
        BM_Intimations_10.08.2016         CG Report_Q1_2016
        SHP_Q1_2016         SHP_Q4_2015
        SPCFL Out come and financial 10082016         SPCFL Q1 FY-16-17_Earnings call invitation
        SPCFL_AGM Voting Result 2016         SPCFL_Q1_2016 Published Result
        Shree Pushkar Investor Presentation_Q1FY17         Shree Pushkar Q1FY17 Earnings Call Transcript
        Investor Conference scheduled on 28         Sexual Harassment
        Financial Result 30th September, 2016         Transaction- Shree Pushkar H1FY17 - 16 Nov 2016
        SPCFL Q3_ 2016 SHP         Notice for Board meeting Intimation 10.2.2017
        SPCFL Q3 FY16-17 Earnings Call Invitation         SPCFL_Q3_Financials 31.12.2016
        Shree Pushkar Investor Presentation_Q3FY17         SPCFL Q3_2016-17- Earnings call transcription
        SPCFL Q1 FY 18 Earnings call invite         SPCFL Result Q1 2017
        SPCFL H-acid commision announcement         BM intimaiton 3.8.2017
        SPCFL Q4FY17 earnings call transcription         Attendance Slip and Proxy form of AGM 2017
        Notice calling Annual General Meeting 2017         Shree Pushkar - Annual Report 2017
        Ballot Form for AGM 2017         Notice Us.160 CA,2013
        SPCFL Board Meeting Intimation 1.9.17         SPCFL BM postponed 4.9.2017
        SPCFL AGM proceedings 2017         SPCFL EOGM Notice 2017
        ShreePushkar-Earnings Call Transcript         Conference call on 26.09.2017
        Intimation of Board Meeting 4.12.2017         SPCFL Result Q2_2017
        SPCFL Q2 FY18 Earnings call invite         Shree Pushkar Investor Presentation Q2FY18 Final
        Intimation of Conference call 11.12.2017         Shree Pushkar Transcrpit Q2FY18
        BM Intimation 8.2.2018         BM Outcome 8.2.2018 and Results as on 31.12.2017
        SPCF Q3FY18 Earnings call invite         Revised Intimation of Earnings Call_14.2.2018
        Shree_Pushkar_Investor_Presentation_Q3FY18_Final         SPCFL Transcription Q3 FY17-18
        BM intimation 28.05.2018         BM Outcome 28.05.2018
        SPCF_Q4FY18_ Earnings call invite         Shree_Pushkar_Investor_Presentation_Q4FY18_Final
        Shree Pushkar Chemicals Transcript 1 June, 2018         Board Meeting Intimation_7.08.2018
        Press Release Q1 FY19 8 August 2018         SPCFL Q1 FY 2019 Result and Outcome
        SPCFL Q1 FY19 Earnings call invite         Shree Pushkar Investor Presentation_Q1_FY_19_9.8.2019


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