DRHP FILE         Investor Grievance/Complaints
        RHP FILE         Investor Presentation
        Investors Earnings Conference Calls - 2 February 2016          Declaration of Interim Dividend
        Board Meeting Notice         Investor Presentation (5/30/2016)
        Policy         Shree Pushkar Q4FY16 Earnings Call Transcript

Annual Report 2015-16

Notice, Prxoy Form, Attendance Slip & Ballot form of AGM 2016

AGM notice in Business Standard (19.7.2016)

AGM notice in Mumbai Lakshdeep (19.7.2016)

Notices received proposing candidature us 160 of Companies Act, 2013
        BM_Intimations_10.08.2016         CG Report_Q1_2016
        SHP_Q1_2016         SHP_Q4_2015
        SPCFL Out come and financial 10082016         SPCFL Q1 FY-16-17_Earnings call invitation
        SPCFL_AGM Voting Result 2016         SPCFL_Q1_2016 Published Result
        Shree Pushkar Investor Presentation_Q1FY17         Shree Pushkar Q1FY17 Earnings Call Transcript
        Investor Conference scheduled on 28         Sexual Harassment
        Financial Result 30th September, 2016         Transaction- Shree Pushkar H1FY17 - 16 Nov 2016
        SPCFL Q3_ 2016 SHP         Notice for Board meeting Intimation 10.2.2017
        SPCFL Q3 FY16-17 Earnings Call Invitation         SPCFL_Q3_Financials 31.12.2016
        Shree Pushkar Investor Presentation_Q3FY17         SPCFL Q3_2016-17- Earnings call transcription
        SPCFL Q1 FY 18 Earnings call invite         SPCFL Result Q1 2017
        SPCFL H-acid commision announcement         BM intimaiton 3.8.2017
        SPCFL Q4FY17 earnings call transcription         Attendance Slip and Proxy form of AGM 2017
        Notice calling Annual General Meeting 2017         Shree Pushkar - Annual Report 2017
        Ballot Form for AGM 2017         Notice Us.160 CA,2013
        SPCFL Board Meeting Intimation 1.9.17         SPCFL BM postponed 4.9.2017
        SPCFL AGM proceedings 2017         SPCFL EOGM Notice 2017
        ShreePushkar-Earnings Call Transcript         Conference call on 26.09.2017
        Intimation of Board Meeting 4.12.2017         SPCFL Result Q2_2017
        SPCFL Q2 FY18 Earnings call invite         Shree Pushkar Investor Presentation Q2FY18 Final
        Intimation of Conference call 11.12.2017


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