Environmental Management Systems

Basic Features of Shree Pushkar Environmental Management System

    1. Integration of cleaner technologies/practices with plant operations by using adiabatic crystallization for desalting and concentration motherliquor and thermal decomposition of organic matters to eliminate generation of wastewater.
    2. Recovery of waste compounds as by-products, their inter-plant exchange and use as raw materials. They include spent sulfuric acid, glauber’s salt, sodium bisulfite,gypsum and iron-oxide.
    3. Comprehensive treatment and disposal of effluent streams using state-of-the-art technologies.

Waste Treatment Systems

The procedure employed for treatment of waste water includes segregation into biodegradable, weakly biodegradable and non-biodegradable streams. Each stream is treated separately prior to combined treatment/disposal.


Our plant is equipped with in-house primary effluent treatment facilities. Plants are connected to high efficiency scrubbing systems and gas monitoring systems wherever required, which keeps the emission levels within the limits.


This has two pronged effect of waste minimization and cost cutting which is in line with our quality policy. We conform to the statutory guidelines set by the Pollution Control Board.

With an inherent safety standard, we are committed to create a better way of life in & around.


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